Have you written an outstanding dissertation at the Faculty of Philosophy (PHIL) of the University of Zurich, as well as the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Political Sciences (D-GESS) at ETH Zurich? Then apply for the SIAF Award 2024 until 30th June 2024!

The SIAF Award 2024 is endowed with CHF 5,000.

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The Swiss Institute of International Studies at the University of Zurich

The Swiss Institute of International Studies (founded in 1943 at the suggestion of the Federal Council) is based in Zürich and is a politically and economically independent centre of expertise for knowledge transfer and background. It interacts with the outside world by means of public events, in particular lectures, and deals with current topics in the fields of politics, economy, society, science and culture, choosing highly qualified and internationally esteemed speakers for this.


  • News New publication «Abschied von der heilen Welt» (Farewell to the ideal world)

    06.04.2024 – In April 2024, the 2023 yearbook was published with the title "Abschied von der heilen Welt" (Farewell to the ideal world).

  • News New publication «Sicherheitspolitik Schweiz» (Security policy Switzerland)

    12.02.2024 – The 5th volume of the publication series "Schriften des Schweizerischen Instituts für Auslandforschung" was published in February 2024.

  • News New publication «Krisenmanagement Schweiz» (Crisis Management in Switzerland)

    30.05.2023 – The 4th volume of the publication series "Schriften des Schweizerischen Instituts für Auslandforschung" will be published in June 2023.

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