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06.04.2024 – News

New publication «Abschied von der heilen Welt» (Farewell to the ideal world)

In April 2024, the 2023 yearbook was published with the title "Abschied von der heilen Welt" (Farewell to the ideal world).

A liberal compass for Swiss security policy in the 21st century

The ongoing war in Ukraine was joined in 2023 by a new attack, Hamas' assault on Israel. The turbulent world situation proved to be sadly fitting for the material offered by the SIAF events in 2023 with a focus on freedom and security. Once again, exciting guests shed light on the past, present and a possible future in this context.

Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann
Wie der Angriff Russlands auf die Ukraine Europa verändert

Ayelet Gundar-Goshen
Guilty Pleasures – Die grundlegende Rolle der Schuld in unserem Leben

Michael Wolffsohn
Frieden durch Föderalismus

Jens Spahn
Sicherheit in neuen Zeiten geben

Solmaz Khorsand
Iranische Lektionen des Widerstands

Ahmad Mansour
Fanatismus versus Toleranz – multikulturelle Gesellschaften und ihre Herausforderungen

Lea Ypi
Freiheit im Kapitalismus

Christoph Heusgen
Sicherheit in Krisenzeiten

Ben Hodges
Ukraine, Russia and the World – What Lies Ahead?

Mary Ellen Iskenderian
There‘s Nothing Micro about a Billion Women

Number of pages: 176
Book, Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-907396-75-9
Publication date 08/04/2024

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