Our events enjoy great popularity and deal with current topics from the fields of politics, economics, society, science, and culture.

12th September 2022, from the studio: What are the biggest risks of climate change? How can supply chain problems be addressed and what does creeping deglobalisation mean for the world economy? Sergio Ermotti talked to Dr Martin Meyer about these and other questions.
21st September 2022, University of Zurich: Professor Michael J. Sandel proved his thesis of the end of the common good, economic inequality and social tensions with facts and figures and makes suggestions on how we can come together again.
6th October 2022, University of Zurich: Professor Nina Khrushcheva spoke about Putin, Ukraine and the trappings of history.
26th October 2022, University of Zurich: Before his lecture on the current situation in Ukraine, Dr Serhiy Zhadan took a look around the Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich.
31st October 2022, from the studio: Presenting the Frank Schirrmacher Prize and the Freedom Prize of the Frank Schirrmacher Foundation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Dr Serhiy Zhadan.
8th November 2022, University of Zurich: Professor Herfried Münkler spoke about Germany in Europe as part of the first "Willy Bretscher Lecture" (in cooperation with the Zentralbibliothek Zürich (Zurich Central Library)).
15th November 2022, University of Zurich: John Elkann spoke with Dr Martin Meyer about building great companies through innovation.