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01.12.2022 – News

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The SIAF Yearbook 2022 will be published by NZZ Libro in May 2023.

How the Ukraine war affects our future

Putin's war of aggression on Ukraine is the singular event that has marked, shaped, marked forever the year 2022. Fascinating guests shed light on the wider and nearer past in this context on the occasion of SIAF's events. They put the war and the crises in context, explain the effects and draw a line to recommendations and hope. It does not look as if SIAF will run out of material, even in the further developments of the current period, and orientation continues to be necessary in the Institute's 80th year.

The SIAF Yearbooks make it possible to read exciting lectures by outstanding personalities at leisure.

With contributions by Peter Altmaier, Alena Buyx, Nina Khrushcheva, John Elkann, Markus Gabriel, Ivan Krastev, Herfried M√ľnkler, Chris Patten, Michael J. Sandel, Serhij Schadan and Adam Tooze.

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Further information on SIAF Vol. 49, "Blind Date mit der Zukunft".